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Recording - Mixing - Mastering

Sound Mixing


 Here at Simplistic Audio, we have the knowledge, resources, and experience to help you achieve an amazing recording. Whether you are trying to record a demo or want to track an entire album, we will work with you efficiently to obtain the sound you are looking for. Our rate for recording is $35/hour but we can do package deals depending on the size of the project.


In order to achieve a great mix, you must have a good understanding of audio frequencies and dynamics and how to best control these to achieve a tonally balanced mix. At Simplistic Audio we understand these concepts and will bring your music to the forefront. Our standard rate for mixing is $250 per song. If you are interested in rates for an EP or LP, please contact us below.


Mastering is the final step before you send your music off to get replicated and distributed. Here at Simplistic Audio we will get you a great sounding master and help simplify the process of getting your final product completed. The rate for a single song mastered is $50. If you are interested in rates for an entire EP or LP, please contact us below.


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