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Custom Cables - Racks - Studio Wiring


Custom Cables

Here at Simplistic Audio, we offer custom built cables to fit your studio or live rig and your budget. Whether you need a few XLR cables, a DB25 snake, or custom Midi cables, we have you covered. We have over a decade of experience soldering cables for studio and live environments. Our cables are made with the best materials including Mogami Cable and Neutrik Connectors.

Touring Racks and Fly Rigs

Whether you need an IEM system built, a Redundant Playback rig racked up, MainStage Keyboard System or anything in between, we have you covered. Our rigs are built to last show after show.

Studio Wiring

When putting together a studio, your system is only as good as your weakest link. You can spend tons of money on studio equipment and it won’t be nearly as effective if it is relying on cheap cables to connect everything. With that being said, we can wire up all of your patch bays, wall boxes, and equipment with high quality cable and connectors. Everything will be cut to length and labeled for easy troubleshooting.


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