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Training - Showcontrol - Consultation


Ableton Certified Training

Ableton Live is an amazing program that allows you to lay down your musical ideas quickly and efficiently. I am an Certified Ableton Trainer and offer private individual and group Ableton lessons. My lessons are customized to your skill set and what you are trying to achieve out of the program. The rate for an individual lesson is $50 per hour and group lesson rates will vary depending on the number of people attending.

Playback and Show Control

Playback and Show Control are a huge part of live performance this day and age. Having your lights, video, pyro and audio all in sync is a must. Here at Simplistic Audio we like to use Ableton Live to keep all aspects of the show moving and in sync. If you need help building a redundant playback rig, setting up SMPTE timecode, programming Midi Program changes, or building a fully automated live looping rig, we have you covered.

Studio Consultation

When setting up a studio, it is important to understand the acoustics of your room, the equipment you are using, and how to wire it all up. Simplistic audio is proud to offer a complete consulting service to help work out any issues you may have when setting up your studio. This includes Patchbay Configuration, Room Acoustics, System Integration, Computer Maintenance (Mac only), Midi Programming and anything between.


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